The MEMBRANES 2023 Technical Programme consists of 6 Plenary Lectures and 70 oral presentations, namely, 76 presentations overall.


Each regular presentation is allocated 15 minutes and Plenary Lectures 45 minutes. Times include questions.


All parallel session rooms will be equipped with a PC and a PC projector.

Please bring your presentation on a USB storage device and download and save your presentation in the PC located in the meeting room where you have been allocated to present. You can do it during the coffee-break before your schedule time.

If you have any technical problems during the sessions, you will have an assistant to help you.

Moderators of sessions will be asked to be strict on time.

Recommendations for your presentation

It is recommended to use a 16:9 ratio in the slides for the oral presentation.

We strongly encourage speakers to go to their conference room 10 minutes before the session starts in order to upload their presentation in the room's computer and do a quick test.