IS06 - New Findings and Products for Building With Foils and Mesh Films

Organized by: K. Moritz (IMS Bauhaus© Archineer© Institutes e.V., Germany) and L. Schiemann (University of Applied Sciences Munich, Germany)
In this invited session, projects realized in recent years using transparent or translucent foils, but also fabrics laminated with foils, should be presented. The projects are facades or roofs that allow for a very high light transmission due to the choice of materials. On the one hand, the use of these materials offers architectural possibilities with regard to transparent building envelopes. On the other hand, the thin membrane materials are also subject to life cycle assessment, i.e. waste avoidance, pure separation of composite materials and the recyclability of fluoropolymers are immensely important requirements for all materials today, also membranes. The speakers are cordially invited to present contributions on realized examples and new products, as well as approaches to life cycle assessment and to open a targeted discussion regarding the sustainability of the materials, components and construction methods used.